Kevin Hart Might Have P***** off Michael Jordan

Don't Be Afraid of Being Straight With Your Friends

Comedy, with a dose of wisdom too... 😉

By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

You know when you're on good terms with someone because - no matter how much you can make fun of each other - you know it's not meant to be harmful... Humour is a really good way of keeping each other's feet on the ground and helping us see if we're getting a bit too self-important. Something comedian Kevin Hart tried with his basketball hero Michael Jordan at a charity dinner... however it didn't go down so well... Haha, oh well, a sense of humour for Mr Jordan please waiter! ?

I think we all know that look we get from someone when they feel we've crossed the line with them. There is a really valuable lesson in this though, because on a serious note, it's often very uncomfortable to point something out to someone we love and/or even look up to... that we know they might not like, but is intended to help them. Have you ever had to tell a friend their breath smells, that they could have done better, that they're behaving badly, or that they're getting a big head about something? It's not nice, but it's important if you care about them right?

Whatever it is, we need people to point things out to us that we cannot see. These are the people we can really trust because they're the ones who care enough and put themselves in that situation for our benefit. People who challenge us are those who want to help us to be better people.

Obviously, this is always something we need to do out of genuine care and affection for someone, not to put them down or make them feel stupid or small.

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Click here if you've ever had to face confrontation with someone and you fancy a good laugh...


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