Saturday Night Live - Donald Trump Impersonations - What We Resist Persists!!

Don't Be Afraid of Being Straight With Your Friends

Comedy, with a dose of wisdom too... 😉

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

With President-Elect Trump due to take office soon, it's vital that we remind ourselves why comedy and humour can be so important, particularly when it comes to people in positions of power! Over the last few months, American TV show Saturday Night Live had been doing a series of sketches of both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Donald Trump made in very known on social media that he was not a fan of those poking fun of him! So, given the election finished last month, what did Alex Baldwin, the actor doing the impersonations decide to do in the face of these protests? You guessed it, he carried on performing them!! Here's a recent one for you to watch... 🙂

Ultimately, the more we resist something, the more likely it is to come back and bite us until we learn to deal with it! Comedy has always played a key part at poking fun at those who struggle to do it themselves. It helps us to see the humour in situations, in a world which at times is frightening and sad. It also helps us to see the flaws of those in power and see that they are human beings too with their own emotional challenges.

Wait! There's more...

Click here to watch President Obama laughing at himself...


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