Are You Making The Same Mistakes?

Comedy and a piece of wisdom too ūüėČ

By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Sssh. This piece of comedy wisdom is top secret!... Well, actually, not really. It's so obvious that when you look at it you might want to head-butt the table! Have you ever found yourself going around in circles in your life, career or business; always coming up against the same old results and never seeming to make any progress? If so, the solution can really be as simple as asking what you need to change or do differently...and then trying something new! Isn't it madness to go on doing the same things we have always done -  but expect to get a different result?! Perhaps about as mad as poor old General Melchett below!.. ?

Legends will constantly reassess their approach and methods; thus finding the best way to progress so they are more likely to achieve their goals. If ever we get stuck in a rut or aren't getting to where we want to in life, it's because we need to change something. The more we are constantly challenging and questioning what we do, and through this innovating change, then it is more likely that we won't get stuck and will thrive!

If you liked this, check out some more wisdom about how to start making changes in your life from Oprah Winfrey... "The Sooner You Get This, The Sooner You'll Come Unstuck"

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