'Chooka' Parker's Amazing Australia's Got Talent Audition

The Power & Importance of Feeling

By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

When we try to learn or do something well we can tend to think of understanding and applying it from a very technical perspective. We work from the mind to help us process steps, sequences and the structure of what we're doing in our heads. However, if we work too much from the mind, things can become more 'robotic' and stale, lacking energy and life. The geniniuses of the past such as Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci had amazing minds, but they also had incredible passion and feeling for what they did too. Something we can often neglect and even discount, is the important role feeling plays in our ability to learn and to do things in exceptional ways. Something well demonstrated in 'Chooka' James Parker's amazing audition for Australia's Got Talent below.

At 16 years-old, 'Chooka' has had no formal structured or technical training to play the piano. He has simply taught himself to play 'by ear' and composes music as he plays - in the moment - based purely on how he feels! Feelings play a vital role in how well we learn and perform in anything and our ability to bring the right feelings into what we do can make all the difference. It can change what we are doing to being very 'flat', mediocre or even boring to doing something incredible! Just like Chooka. Enjoy...

There's much more to our potential than we think! Click here for the story of a blind man who can ride a bicycle completely unaided...


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