13 07, 2016

The Dalai Lama’s Tweets on Humanity

By |2017-07-13T14:34:07+01:00July 13th, 2016|

"Since climate change and the global economy now affect us all, we have to develop a sense of oneness of humanity."

18 12, 2015

VIDEO – Chuck Feeney – The Duty Free Billionaire Giving it All Away

By |2017-08-10T17:16:14+01:00December 18th, 2015|

Finding meaning and purpose through the law of giving and receiving...

5 12, 2015

VIDEO – How Nelson Mandela Inspires Us to Be Better Human Beings

By |2017-11-22T16:36:42+00:00December 5th, 2015|

Inspiration from an incredibly humble and influential leader...

22 11, 2015

VIDEO – A Parisian Father Teaches His Son to Love, Not Fear the World

By |2017-05-13T13:51:10+01:00November 22nd, 2015|

A deeply moving reminder of the power of peace, love and forgiveness...

7 11, 2015

BREAKING NEWS! – A Politician Is Honest!

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Being open and honest about our views and mistakes can create more trust...

4 11, 2015

Why Do 1% of People Control Most of the Wealth In the World?

By |2018-04-10T12:39:52+01:00November 4th, 2015|

What drives wealth generation and why you can succeed too...

3 11, 2015

VIDEO – The Inspirational Jacques-Yves Cousteau

By |2018-03-16T11:15:07+00:00November 3rd, 2015|

An exploration of our deep connection with nature.

1 11, 2015

MUST WATCH – Syrian Aid Worker Breaks Down After 4 Days No Sleep

By |2018-03-16T12:53:58+00:00November 1st, 2015|

A humbling reality check and deeply felt appeal for peace in Syria...

14 10, 2015

VIDEO – Yann Arthus-Bertrand – Director of HUMAN

By |2017-05-13T13:52:34+01:00October 14th, 2015|

The man behind the powerful docu-film about our shared humanity.

13 10, 2015

VIDEO – How Bill Gates Found His True Passion

By |2017-05-13T13:52:35+01:00October 13th, 2015|

An inspiring interview with Bill Gates.