4 01, 2022

How Mentoring At Lighthouse International Helped Heal My Trauma, From Islam to Christianity

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A heartfelt and meaningful, raw expression of one of our mentees journey through healing her trauma and her explorations into the Christian faith from Islam.

5 12, 2021

The Pathology Of A Troll: Who Internet Trolls Are And What That Tell Us About Emotional Degeneration

By |2021-12-05T18:26:20+00:00December 5th, 2021|

When you start looking into it and understanding the pathology of a troll - who they are, how they behave online and how to defend yourself - you see how damaged these people must be to try and hurt innocent people using the internet as their weapon of choice.

31 10, 2021

Why We Have To Learn To Deal With Narcissism & Narcissistic Feeding

By |2021-12-26T19:50:34+00:00October 31st, 2021|

For my entire life, I have felt like a burden. What I never realised in my life until I started working closely with a mentor is recognising my own narcissistic traits and how they stemmed from the narcissistic abuse I'd received from my childhood, from my parents. The more I could understand the root of it and where this had started in me. The more I looked at the feelings I had about myself - that I was a problem and a burden - working through the pain, I was able to understand the damage and heal.