31 05, 2022

Why Do We Procrastinate and How Do We Stop?

By |2022-05-31T19:05:22+01:00May 31st, 2022|

“Procrastination is the thief of time” – Edward Young

12 04, 2022

Understanding Our Anxieties About Having the ‘Right’ Career

By |2022-04-12T16:03:18+01:00April 12th, 2022|

‘It’s not about how to achieve your dreams, it’s about how to lead your life… If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, the dreams will come to you.’ – Randy Pausch

14 11, 2021

Why Mindfulness And Spirituality Are So Important To Our Health

By |2021-11-14T17:07:50+00:00November 14th, 2021|

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” - Lissa Rankin

24 10, 2021

A New Hope For Young People In Lebanon or Another Eternity In Hell?

By |2021-10-25T19:07:39+01:00October 24th, 2021|

Following the world’s biggest non-nuclear blast in 2020 that took place in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, we explore through interviews with young people, how we can restore hope...or is it too late?

22 08, 2021

The Power of Gratitude

By |2021-08-22T18:48:16+01:00August 22nd, 2021|

Gratitude is an important practise so we can appreciate what we have and what we don't. We can experience less stress and focus less on the material things we rely upon.

15 08, 2021

Just Keep Breathing… How You Can Keep Practising Breathing Techniques in the Wake of Covid-19

By |2021-08-15T21:12:34+01:00August 15th, 2021|

Our well-being has been crucial in the pandemic and breathing is one part of this. Find out why we need to keep up regular breathing no matter the situation.

8 08, 2021

Busting The 4 Biggest Myths of Meditation & How To Gain Control Over Your Mental Health

By |2021-08-08T20:55:45+01:00August 8th, 2021|

There are understandably stereotypes associated with meditation but it can be as unique and personal as you want to make it. Let's bust some of the myths!

1 08, 2021

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach – How a Decade of Work Became An “Overnight Success”

By |2021-08-01T16:03:19+01:00August 1st, 2021|

Joe Wicks is now well known in the UK for 'PE lessons at home' for children and parents since 2020. Discover how his success was not as sudden as it appears...

11 07, 2021

Students! Want The Attention of Employers? Do Supermarket Shifts & Not a Postgraduate Degree, Here’s Why…

By |2021-07-11T16:50:18+01:00July 11th, 2021|

University is thought to be the one key that will get you ahead in your life. Unfortunately, it is a lot more complicated than that but we can break through this.