Busting the Myth of Perfection: Ronda Rousey & Top Female Atheletes

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

I don't care what you say - no matter what proof you have, what mistakes they've made, legends are just different. They're just made a different way. They're flawless. We're the lesser beings, they're the superhumans. So we've got to do our best to put on a front, pretend that everything is cool. No worries. Can't complain. Things are well. I'm not worried or stressed out about anything. Life is great!


What a ridiculous way to live. What a silly, odd and impossible way to live...to pretend that we are perfect while we try to hide our flaws! It's the opposite of what true legends do!! This is such a weird 'rule' most of us have - for men and for women - and yet how many of us fall into this trap? Below we've got some great reality checks from top female athletes on why it is so important to not be perfect...

Put The Mask Down...

“I try to show as many imperfections and flaws as I can. I go out and walk around not wearing makeup. I like how my face looks... I’m not trying to make it look perfect all the time. I’m trying to be myself all the time.”

– Ronda Rousey, Olympic gold medalist, Former UFC Bantamweight Champion

Have you ever had a moment where you just stop trying to make such an effort to look good for others? Or you stop trying to put on a big front to behave a certain way, and instead actually bring out...dare I say it...a bit of your unique personality??

Now, making an effort with our appearance and looking after ourselves physically is important (as Miss Rousey can certainly testify to!) however when we are trying to present to others someone we are not, then we are on a fast track to endlessly living in fear and worry...

What Actually Matters To You?

"I purposely post pictures [on instagram] where I don’t always look my best or look ripped, because I want people to see this is how I am and this is healthy... What people think is the standard of beauty today is just so wrong... Someone who is beautiful is someone who’s healthy and contributes something to the world. What I think is beautiful is a female doctor or a designer pushing the limits of fashion—people who are doing something with passion."

- Camille LeBlanc Bazinet, 2014 Crossfit Champion, former 'Fittest Woman on Earth"

When we spend most of our efforts pretending to be someone else, we are literally killing our passion, our creativity, our ideas and our ability to really make a contribution to the world. Anything less than that is really just being some weird manakin.

Don't Chase Perfection, Chase Reality...

"There is no such thing as perfect, and if you think there is you’re always chasing this thing that’s unrealistic and you’re never going to reach it... You just have to realize you’re not perfect, none of us are."

- Fitness Trainer, Emily Skye

This isn't an article about whether women should wear makeup, or what their bodies should look like. Or how we do or don't objectify women...that's a whole other story! This is about a principle that legends work hard to live by: Be Real.

Hiding our flaws, be they physical, emotional or otherwise doesn't work. Those flaws stay with us, and the more lies we ultimately need to tell in order to to cover them up, the harder it gets and the more stressful it becomes. There's an initial 'ouch' when we decide to be more real. There is pain involved in admitting our weaknesses or our flaws, because maybe it doesn't match who we think we should be. But being real means instead of covering the gaps, we fill them by being able to get help and guidance to be stronger. Are legends perfect? No. And that is why they always get the support they need along the way.

You can read more on what these athletes think about 'perfection' here.


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