Busting the Myth of Perfection: Ronda Rousey & Top Female Atheletes

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

I don't care what you say - no matter what proof you have, what mistakes they've made, legends are just different. They're just made a different way. They're flawless. We're the lesser beings, they're the superhumans. So we've got to do our best to put on a front, pretend that everything is cool. No worries. Can't complain. Things are well. I'm not worried or stressed out about anything. Life is great!


What a ridiculous way to live. What a silly, odd and impossible way to live...to pretend that we are perfect while we try to hide our flaws! It's the opposite of what true legends do!! This is such a weird 'rule' most of us have - for men and for women - and yet how many of us fall into this trap? Below we've got some great reality checks from top female athletes on why it is so important to not be perfect...

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