Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Learning Chinese

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

"One of the wealthiest guys in the world runs a tough brand every day and took this on to improve himself...That's just a job well done no matter how you look at it." - Brian Blau, Gartner Research

In 2013, the Legends Report team conducted a survey with over 3,000 people about progressing their personal & professional lives. Over 70% said that they wanted to develop their confidence. One thing that legends have is self-confidence; they are able to make clear decisions, build incredible projects, exceed their expectations and handle adversity calmly - but how? Today we'll be looking at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and one of the most important investments he has made...

Invest In The Most Valuable Asset You Have

"My Chinese is really a mess, but I study using Chinese every day...I like challenges."

While there are lots of investments that we can make in the world - property, shares etc. - there is not one wiser than an investment in our capabilities and potential.

As Business Insider notes;

"By studying the language every day, [Mark Zuckerberg] knows that with effort he can improve. That growth mindset — where you take effort, rather than talent, to be the driver of your progress — has been identified by developmental psychologist Carol Dweck as a predictor of success in relationships, academics, and business."

All human beings can change and grow - legends are the very proof of that! The more we realise that we can grow, change, overcome our own personal obstacles and achieve our dreams, then investing in ourselves makes far more sense than just investing in bricks and mortar.

Investing In Your Abilities Builds Confidence

Mark Zuckerberg not only has a Chinese-American wife, but he also now sits on the board of Tsinghua University, Beijing (along with Apple CEO Tim Cook and others). There is an abundance of opportunity for the Facebook CEO, so he knows that making this particular investment in himself, is going to transform his life significantly.

Imagine the confidence he now feels, being able to do business with Chinese business leaders... Imagine the insights he will gain because he's painstakingly taken the time and effort to learn a language,  the majority of westerners find incredibly hard.

And imagine where he would be had he not made this investment!? How would he feel turning up to family meetings and not understanding what some of his wife's relatives were saying??

Here's a small fruit from his labour...

    If you could make an investment in one ability, trait or aspect about yourself and there was nothing stopping you from making that investment - what would you do?

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