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by Asif Valiji, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Bruce Lee is still renowned as one of the greatest martial artists of our time. His ability to achieve amazing levels of physical endeavour and teach millions around the world through his unique form of martial arts are shown in this video of Lee demonstrating his ‘One Inch Punch’:

Where Did his Energy & Power Come From?

It was Lee’s high level of self-discipline that powered him forward and enabled him to train at the levels needed to achieve the amazing power you can see in the video.

Lee is a classic demonstration of someone with high self-discipline and commitment to a cause to teach through martial arts.

He shows us that self-discipline is not a fruit of our endeavours & hard work but rather a powerful enabler for us to achieve our endeavours and goals. Self-discipline is at the beginning, middle and end of us achieving our goals because if you can get yourself to follow through on something you have intended to do then what's stopping you in life? Lee expands further on the power of self-discipline, explaining that it's a mindset we develop, not just a physical ability:

“Faith is a state of mind that can be conditioned through self-discipline.”

- Bruce Lee

What Lee is saying is that faith to pursue our goals is a positive mindset which requires work to develop, no different to the conditioning needed to achieve the powerful physical display in the video above.

When we push ourselves and go beyond our limits mentally, emotionally and physically - we can often look back after working hard at something and say to ourselves “wow, I never thought I could achieve that” - that is self-discipline.

Lee had a dream to bring martial arts to the world. His commitment to this dream when combined with the self-discipline needed to achieve it left a mark on the entire world through his films as can be seen here in this 16 minute interview with his wife Linda Lee Cadwell.

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