Brené Brown - How Boundaries Increase Our Empathy & Compassion 

By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

"Empathy is not feeling for somebody. It's feeling with them." 

~ Brené Brown

Know where you stand with people, but assume they are doing the best they can.

If you haven't at some point in your life felt hurt or angry at somebody for letting you down, taking advantage of you, being rude, judging or criticising you, or just not being there for you when you hoped they would be, then you're probably not human. That, or you've lived in a cave all your life! 🙂

One of the hardest challenges I believe we all have is dealing with how we feel in response to people's negative attitudes and behaviour. A lot of the time, many of us silently let people say things and get away with behaviours that are very negative for us; while allowing ourselves to become angry, resentful and even hateful in return.

How can we stop the negative or hurtful attitudes and behavior of others from affecting us? How do we stay open and compassionate - while preventing ourselves from feeling emotionally trampled on by those around us?

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