BREAKING NEWS! - A Politician Is Honest!

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Would you ever trust someone who wasn’t honest? What impact would it have on your relationship with them if you didn’t feel that they were telling the truth?

Being honest and candid about our mistakes and experiences, especially when we have behaved undesirably, can actually lead to greater trust. In a powerful example of this, James Cleverley, the UK MP for Braintree, Essex spoke on a radio talk show recently where, when asked if he had taken drugs, he said:

"I had a little dabble with marijuana."

Then when asked about his views on Tony Blair, he replied honestly:

"I don't rate him.… He was a fantastic navigator but he had no idea where he was navigating to."

Now you may or may not agree with his views, but there can be little doubt that most people would trust him more than someone who evades these questions because they don’t want to be seen in a lesser light.

Indeed, how freeing is it to admit our own fallibilities and be open about things we usually avoid discussing! How many of us walk around carrying masks and facades for fear of being judged for saying the wrong things? Ironically, when we are more honest with ourselves and others, we end up creating more trust with them.

True legends are open about ​their weaknesses, they don't constantly try to cover them up. They know that it’s important to have the right support to work on becoming stronger in these areas.

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Have you ever had a situation where someone created more trust with you by being open and honest about their mistakes?

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