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Branson On Shaking Up Education


By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

On Friday 2nd October Richard Branson hosted the Virgin Disruptors event organised to discuss the future of education. It involved discussions and debates with the likes of Brian Cox, Toby Young and Richard’s son Sam. Recently we featured Branson’s views on higher education and following the Future of Education event, he shared more of his strong opinions in his blog...

“I got my education out in the world. In my opinion, real life learning is the only way forward. It’s important to learn maths, literacy, science, etc., however I think, if done in an interesting, engaging and relevant way, most of that can be learned by the age of 16.”

“Our greatest lessons come from the University of Life – getting out into the real world, getting your hands dirty, interacting with people in real situations, travelling and learning on the spot. Keeping our children and young adults in stale classrooms, accumulating debt is not the way of the future.”

“We need to shake up our education systems to arm future generations with the real skills they need to take on the big challenges, and in turn move the world forward.”

Highlights of the event can be seen in this short video…

The event stirred up a lot of debate with differing viewpoints, but the overall consensus was that much change is needed. The video below has a few interesting ideas as to what schools in 2050 will be like - from those currently at primary school. Enjoy!!

If you liked this read more on Richard Branson's views on Higher Education and you can also read more on the Future of Education event here.

What do you think schools will be like in 2050?

Let your creativity run wild and share below...

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