Bloodhound Does It's 200mph Land Speed Record Test!

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By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Imagine driving a car with a V8, 800 brake-horsepower engine and how exhilarating it would feel.... Well, that is the size of the fuel pump on Andy Green's Bloodhound Supersonic car! It's basically a jet engine, sitting on top of a rocket engine, with 4 wheels positioned to keep it off the ground! The aim, to break the world speed record for a car and fire the imagination of children around the world to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)!

The numbers on this machine are staggering, and here are just a few...

1050mph top speed (the fastest you can legally drive in the UK is 70 mph)

135,000BHP (brake horsepower), that's over 6 times the combined engine power of this year's F1 cars.

When running, the jet engine would suck out all the air in your house, in about 3 seconds!

These numbers and the engineering that has gone into making this thing work have taken over 10 years to get to this point, where this week, they ran the car at 200mph down the runway at Cornwall's Newquay Airport. The event was to run tests on the car's performance as well as provide an opportunity for children and members of the public to see this awesome machine in the flesh!

Andy Green, the driver and the only man to have travelled at supersonic speeds on land, explains why the Bloodhound project is so important to the future of our young people and our world in this article from The Telegraph;

"As we become more dependent on our technology, we are also becoming more isolated from it. Every kid at school owns a mobile phone, but I have yet to meet one who can take it apart and tell me what the components do. Our aim is to reconnect this generation with the science and technology that we rely on so heavily. We want to get them to ask one question, “How does that work?”, and the excitement of a 1,000mph car is the ideal thing to start that process. The Bloodhound Project is inviting millions of young people to share the technology of an “Engineering Adventure”, the description given to our project, to explore their world and in doing so to explore their own potential. This is the generation that will build and live in the high-technology, low-carbon world of tomorrow, and sharing our Engineering Adventure is a first step into their future."


And this is the part that I know you really want to see...GO! Forward the video to 49 mins 28 seconds...

This is a video from the 3 hour live stream of the event of Bloodhound starting up and taxi to the run way;

Bonus! Supergeek fact of The Day;

The wheels you see Bloodhound running in these videos are from an English Electric Lightning jet aircraft designed in 1950s. This is why there is some bodywork missing, to allow for the rubber wheels used on a runway. When Bloodhound makes its world record attempt on the Hakseenpan in South Africa, it will use aluminium wheels that will rotate at 10,000 rpm, and there will be more aerodynamic friendly bodywork on the car!

Wait! There's More...

Here is some more on the background of Bloodhound and what goes into building a supersonic car, rocket, or racecar.

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