Billy Jean King: Female Donald Trump Voters Don't Like Themselves | Injured Pianist Lang Lang Sets Example of Resourcefulness | 60% Biodiversity Loss Due To Our Diet Choices

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Billy Jean King: Female Donald Trump Voters Don't Like Themselves

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Tennis legend and gay rights campaigner Billie Jean King has spoken candidly against female voters who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 US election as part of a promotions tour for an upcoming film about her life. She also explained how she hopes the film will help people feel more comfortable in their skin and linked this to the challenges people face for equality, especially in light of transgender sexes having been banned from serving in the US military:

"I'm really upset with women, actually, I'm upset with the white women that voted for Mr Trump. I think they really don't like themselves... I think a lot of women don't like themselves. Girls are brought up to be perfect and boys are brought up to be brave. Well, a girl can never be perfect. So we never can win."

“I really want the millennials and the Gen Z to see this movie, because every generation has to fight for freedom and equality. Every single generation. It never ends and you always keep starting over with every generation... And if this helps one person be more comfortable in their own skin, if it helps a parent to understand better about their own child, or a relative, or a friend and if that helps give some comfort or be more comfortable as well, then that's what I want from this.”

While covering a number of issues, Billie Jean King's comments have the same core message. Namely, in order to be happy and fulfilled in our lives, we need to feel comfortable and secure in our own skin, especially if we face challenges in our life from outside sources. This can be difficult, especially if we are used to needing other people's approval to feel confident about ourselves. The key is to focus on our own self-acceptance, which means to accept our fallibilities and weaknesses, as well as our strengths, rather than having the expectation that we should be perfect! Click here to read more on this story at the Independent... 

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Injured Pianist Lang Lang Sets Example of Resourcefulness

By Asif Valiji, Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Chinese born pianist Lang Lang is one of the world’s most recognizable classical musicians. Having had to cancel several performances recently, due to having an injured left arm that rendered him unable to play, he was scheduled to open at Carnegie Hall’s annual gala in New York.

The same fate of cancellation was potentially set for this opening, however, by reaching out to others in an example of resourcefulness, Mr Lang was still able to open with the help of Maxim Lando; a 14-year-old American student who is studying to be a pianist. Someone Mr Lang has supported through a scholarship. He was also joined by Chick Corea, a jazz music legend at the age of 76. Mr Lang said:

“With the artistry of the legendary Chick Corea and the exciting young talent Maxim Lando, we hope to delight the audience and take a little pressure off my left arm while it continues to heal,”

At a time where many of us might have cancelled for a very legitimate reason, Mr Lang has shown how resourceful we can be when we're dedicated to a cause we're passionate about. Whether we choose to do more ourselves or with others; it comes down to how much we want to make things happen in our lives, our careers, our families and how we work with others. To read more about this article click here...

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60% Biodiversity Loss Is Due To Our Diet Choices

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

A recent WWF report has found that 60% of the loss of varied forms of life within our plant, otherwise known as biodiversity, is due to the meat-based diets we choose to eat every day causing a strain on ecosystems. According to Duncan Williamson, WWF food policy manager:

“The world is consuming more animal protein than it needs and this is having a devastating effect on wildlife, a staggering 60% of global biodiversity loss is down to the food we eat. We know a lot of people are aware that a meat-based diet has an impact on water and land, as well as causing greenhouse gas emissions, but few know the biggest issue of all comes from the crop-based feed the animals eat.”

Perhaps the most important thing this report highlights is the fact that the recommended intake of protein per day is 45-55g and yet the average UK adult consumption is 64-88g. In other words, a potentially unhealthy over-consumption. This really highlights a great lesson in that, before we can become aware of the impact of our actions on the environment, we must first become more aware of the impact our choices have on our personal health. If we're not willing to look after ourselves, the likelihood of us looking after the wider world is, logically speaking, likely to be even less.

Whether we choose to eat meat or not, what's important is that we become more aware of the impact of our choices and make informed decisions. From here we can choose to make changes, if necessary, to our diets and habits which affect our entire lives and the world around us. To read more on this story click here...

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