Billie Jean King - A Lifetime Battle Against Inequality

By Asif Valiji, Associate Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Billie Jean King - former American No. 1 tennis player won 39 Grand Slam titles in her time and yet she is most remembered for her battles with the inequality that people are subjected to in professional sport. At the age of 62 her life’s story is being made into a film and in a recent interview with the Guardian, she talked about her motivation which started at the age of 12 she said...

“I was daydreaming about my little tiny universe of tennis, and I thought to myself: ‘Everybody’s wearing white shoes, white socks, white clothes, playing with white balls, everybody who plays is white. Where is everybody else?’ That was the moment I decided to fight for equality and freedom and equal rights and opportunities for everyone. Everyone. Not just girls. Everyone.” She added... “I hope [it] helps motivate kids, young people, to fight for equality and freedom, and for the LGBTQ+ community …”

Perhaps the most moving part of Mrs King’s journey was the inequality she felt at the age of 12 years old. Even then she was able to clearly see the changes that needed to be made in tennis and acts as an inspiration for many people. To Read The Full Article Click Here...


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