Bill Gates' Top 6 Good News Stories of 2015 & His Big Bet

By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Since 2013 Bill Gates has taken the time to reflect on each year and share the good news stories that he feels we may have missed. With all the negative events and headlines we are exposed to on a daily basis he clearly wants to ensure we appreciate the positive actions that have been taken across the globe. His top 6 good news stories for 2015 recognised the efforts of individuals and organisations who want to make the world a better place.

He's also made a big bet on the next 15 years with his wife; Melinda Gates which you can watch below...

Here are Bill Gates' top 6 good news stories of 2015 in his own words...

  1. Africa Went a Year Without Any Polio - "This milestone represents a huge victory—one that some experts feared would never come... We’ve come more than 99 percent of the way to eradication. I am confident we can finish the job." 
  2. Neil deGrasse Tyson Made a Stunning Case for Science - "He makes the best argument I’ve ever heard for ensuring that science plays a big role in policy making." You can watch the speech here. 
  3. Global Health Innovators Won the Nobel Prize - "On October 5, I woke up to the wonderful news that this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine had been awarded to three researchers who developed indispensable tools for fighting diseases of the poor... Ivermectin and Artemisinin are true miracle drugs—and proof of the outsized impact that can flow from a single great discovery."  
  4. SAT Test Prep Is Now Free for Everyone - "I’m very excited about this development because of what it means for kids who can’t afford expensive test-prep classes and tutors." 
  5. Mobile Banking Exceeds Our Optimistic Projections - "We believe that mobile banking is one of the best tools we’ve ever seen for helping people lift themselves out of poverty. Today, more than two billion people have no access to financial services, severely limiting their ability to borrow, save, invest, and participate in the mainstream economy. But that is changing fast." 
  6. The Americas Have Eliminated Rubella - "The campaign to eliminate rubella from the Americas prevented more than 100,000 children from contracting rubella syndrome, saving $3 billion that countries could then use to meet other critical health needs." 

Legends See the World Through a Positive Lens

What stands out most of all is the fact that Bill Gates actually takes the time to actively look for good news stories when reflecting on the past year. It is through choosing to look for the positive that he is also finding the causes and opportunities that he wants to back through his foundation.

Legends don't only look for positive stories, they also are active in their support of the people doing positive things. This is something we can all do in some shape or form; whether in our families, at work and in our local community. When you look back on last year do you see the good things or the not-so-good things?

Bill Gates' Big Bet for the Next 15 Years..

Mr Gates is working with his wife; Melinda Gates, to apply what they've learnt over the course of their lives to address significant global issues. Check out the video to learn more on the bet they're making and the importance that people play in this...

In spite of all the money, resources and influence that Bill and Melinda Gates have, they share that the key to achieving these big goals will be for more people to feel more compassion for everyone on the planet.

Read more about Bill Gates' good news stories and his big bet.

    What was one of your good news stories from 2015? Would you like to join Bill Gates in making a big bet for the next 15 years? We would love to hear your ideas and help you to get the ball rolling in 2016...

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