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A student who is currently undertaking his A-levels, I enjoy sharing my experiences to help others self-improvement as well as developing my own thoughts on topics and subjects.
7 11, 2021

A Journey of Depression & Self Acceptance, Through The Videogame ‘Celeste’

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Celeste is truly a game about endurance, reflection and self-understanding. The main story of the game centres itself around the internal emotions of Madeline, but there are so many lessons that we can learn and apply through her journey. From managing ourselves, dealing with difficult people and having genuine discussions about how we truly feel... read this article to find out more...  

4 07, 2021

Santan Dave & His Journey To Resilience Through ‘Psychodrama’

By |2021-07-04T20:00:52+01:00July 4th, 2021|

UK Grime artist Santan Dave has had a challenging life so far. Learn more about his journey and how he is taking responsibility for his own life and what we can learn from him.