About Judith Whitbread

After spending several years caring for my mother - which, while a huge privilege, was also the toughest challenge – I'm now restarting life. I left school at 16 with a handful of qualifications but 37 years later I have now got two Distinction grades en route to my OU degree. So it's never too late! I would love to combine my main interests with contributing to society so journalism seems a good match. Subjects close to my heart include maximising children’s potential, women’s empowerment, improving care for the elderly, minimising pollution and a safer and fairer society for all.
19 07, 2020

Jack LaLanne – The Incredible Story of The Godfather of Fitness

By |2020-07-19T17:13:04+01:00July 19th, 2020|

The inspiring story of the pioneer who created the first modern fitness centre and hosted the first TV workouts!

20 08, 2017

The Incredible Story of Jonnie Peacock – Breaking Free To Win Gold

By |2017-08-21T12:43:58+01:00August 20th, 2017|

Jonnie Peacock has overcome incredible obstacles to be one of the best Paralympic athletes in the world....

1 08, 2017

Wangari Maathai – The Incredible Story of The Woman Who Changed Kenya

By |2017-08-01T16:10:43+01:00August 1st, 2017|

How one woman’s determination and an army of supporters changed the whole landscape in Kenya - both environmentally and politically.