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Arnie Rallies Leaders for Battle Against Climate Change

At a time when Beijing is being shut down because of air pollution, Arnold Schwarzenegger appealed to leaders at the Climate Change Summit in Paris to believe that this challenge can be overcome. Saying that “nothing is impossible”. He proved this through sharing his life experiences; including being in California when he went as far as suing the Federal Government in order to reduce air pollution in the state. He challenged global leaders to put aside negative thoughts of “I can’t” and “impossible” and instead believe in what we can do together. Having a strong conviction and positive attitude in this way is absolutely crucial to succeed in anything!

Watch a clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech here:

Harvard Business School’s Advice On Building Your Professional Network

Harvard Business School have recently published a short one-minute video on tips to build a professional network. There are many fundamental principles behind these tips including being proactive, adding value, and continually investing time, money and effort to build your network. However, one thing is for sure, expanding a network requires constant work and investment. This means not only looking for opportunities to meet and learn from new people, but also to teach others and reach out to the many people we have met over the years. It all reinforces the fundamental truth that we cannot succeed alone!

The video below explains more and you check out our other article on 3 Tips From a Master Networker.

The Power of Spontaneous Acts of Kindness

With the recent terrorist attacks across the globe, we have seen the impact that positive words or deeds can make. So we thought it would be worthwhile sharing some small, but incredibly thoughtful acts of kindness from a recent Metro newspaper in the UK that have made all the difference. The more we all look out for one another, we will hopefully see these more as, ‘frequent acts of kindness’ rather than spontaneous or random acts.

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Thanks to Stasia Simpson for the clippings from the Metro Newspaper.

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