Angelina Jolie: The Survival Spirit

By Diana Orfani, Legends Report Writer

 How Angelina Jolie shows us it’s never too late to evolve for the better and become a better person.

Perfection and glamour. These are elements that many people aspire to and become obsessed with, believing that’s the way to be. Many idolise Hollywood as the pinnacle of this glitz and glamour and admire their stars for flawlessness and excellence - doing everything they can to accomplish a similar standard.

We all too often forget that trial and tribulation is one of life’s truest realities which even the most profound and desirable figures are not immune to. Even the iconic American film star Angelina Jolie has hit rock bottom, disclosing she was extremely self-destructive in her younger days.

Her marital life may not be ideal, as the Hollywood power couple, Brad Pitt & Ms Jolie or as they are famously known: ‘Brangelina’ have separated with the actress filing for divorce in 2016. Yet, despite this, the Oscar-winning legend has distinguished herself as a leading public figure. Through her highs and lows, she doesn’t hesitate to disclose the core reality of her life, enlightening us to the fact that everyone has their flaws and it’s not the end of the world if one does ‘mess up’. As Ms Jolie says:

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