Angela Ahrendts' 3 Key Lessons For Her Younger Self

Image by Fortune Live Media

Image by Fortune Live Media

By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Angela Ahrendts is the current Senior Vice President, Retail and Online Stores for Apple, as well as the former CEO of Burberry. As an executive who has succeeded at the highest level, she recently decided to publicly share the advice she would now give to herself as a 22-year-old. What she shares is a must-read for anyone serious about progressing in their life and career - regardless of age!!

Ms Ahrendts offers a list of little nuggets of wisdom, but there are 3 key lessons, that come from a variety of her shared insights.

Success Starts From The Inside

"Focus on what touches my heart and moves my spirit, as this is how one's greatest life work will be achieved." 

"Envision the life I long for and continually focus my energy towards achieving it."

"Perfect the power of positive thinking and intention for myself and others." 

Giving Comes Before Receiving

"Honor humility, as the world is not here to serve me, rather I am here to serve the world."

 "Earn everything and not ask for or expect anything I didn't contribute to."

Appreciate The People Around You

"Hope for greater equality for everyone - everyday, everywhere on earth."

"Thank family and friends frequently, no matter how small their task or gesture."

"Learn from great people, their lessons can be a wonderful shortcut."

What's interesting is that these 3 lessons go against the way that many of us live our lives. For instance we may only feel we are successful when we have a lot of money in our bank account; we may feel that the people around us don't play much of a role in our progress, or that we don't have to truly invest in our own success. To take Angela Ahrendts's advice seriously, is something that could significantly impact our levels of success.

For the rest of her words of wisdom, check out her LinkedIn post here.


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