Anchorman Comedy Classic - How Not To Be Impressive!

A Dose of Humour With Laughter and Lessons...

By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Have you ever tried really hard to impress a girl or guy you like only for it to backfire and you cringe about it afterwards? This short scene from the movie Anchorman starring Will Ferrell is a funny way of showing what it can look like when we try to make ourselves out to be important. However, as this clip shows, it can actually have the opposite effect and we end up looking pretty stupid instead!

When we feel insecure we try to make ourselves out to be someone that people will admire. The irony is when we are simply ourselves and express ourselves in a natural way, people warm to us. This is something that true legends do and applies in any social situation; from pool parties and family gatherings through to networking events, job interviews and even pitching for business! Check out the article on actress Jennifer Lawrence below for an example of this.

When we feel intimidated by people or situations, it is common to say or do things to impress rather than be comfortable in our own skin and act natural. Actress Jennifer Lawrence shows in this article that we can achieve career success and be ourselves at the same time.


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