Adele On Her Most Important Relationship of All

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By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Who would you say is the most important person in your life right now and what is your relationship with them like?

Often the biggest challenges and greatest joys we have are centred around our experiences with other people. Whether it’s with our families, a partner, friends or colleagues; people and how we relate to them can be a complicated business that we invest a lot into...

Focus on You

How often though, do we focus on the one relationship that’s always present and plays a role in every area of our lives - the one we have with ourselves? What I mean by this is how well we treat ourselves in our thoughts and actions; do we value who we are; are we kind, caring and forgiving when we make a mistake, or are we harsh, overly critical of our mistakes and neglectful of our needs, like our health? Do we treat ourselves the same as we would our closest friend, or are we more often our own worst enemy?

For many of us this is the relationship we focus on least. Why? There are many reasons, but often it’s because being honest with ourselves and seeing where we need to admit our faults and make changes feels like a scary and uncertain thing to do. However this central and most important relationship will affect the quality of all our other relationships because; the better you relate to yourself, the better you can relate to others.

How This Perspective Inspired Adele’s New Song and Album

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