Eva Green - How Do You Want To Define Yourself?

You Are Who You Believe Yourself To Be

A valuable dose of life wisdom... 🙂

By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

If you were asked to describe who you are, how easily could you answer that question? How much would be based on your past and what others say about you? In this video, self-proclaimed "shy" actress Eva Green tries to describe some aspects she feels describe who she really is, from who's inspired her to what she would like to be more of and what people assume, often incorrectly, about her.

If you could wipe your self-image clean and start again from scratch, who would you choose to be today? How would you describe your 'ideal self' and how would being that person change your life?

Here's the thing, we are who we believe ourselves to be and we have the power to change that... so what would you focus on today?

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Click here to learn from Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins on how you we can authentically define ourselves based on choice...


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