Here is an overview of what the Legends Report is designed to do, how it will help you in your life, career or business and how you can get the most out of it.

The Vision for the Legends Report

Damien du Toit -- legends view

The Legends Report is one of the fruits of over a decade's worth of real-life research into human potential from the team at Lighthouse International Group. Very simply, the aim of the report is to inspire and demystify success. To help you see that those who achieve greatly once started as ordinary people just like the rest of us. They simply developed a set of habits, based on sound principles, which are conducive to becoming highly disciplined while increasingly surrounding themselves with the right people. They are ordinary people who've spent thousands of hours, and lots of blood, sweat and tears to get to where they are. You will see more and more that this is possible for any one of us provided we are willing to put the work in.

However, the Report is not just about well-known legends. We will also be looking at everyday legends in all areas of life and industry, from parents, to mentors, to teachers, to inspiring young people. We would welcome your suggestions on future features too.

How Can The Legends Report Help You?

  1. Bringing Wisdom to You - The Legends Report gives you access to insights that many people aren't aware of. The writing team is working hard at not only producing our own content but also bringing together and delivering some of the best insights from all over the web so you don't have to search for and dissect the information yourself!

  2. You Get Out What You Put In - The Legends Report is not here to radically change your life, alone it can't - it's only information at the end of the day! Legends take knowledge and apply it. So we would encourage you to ask questions, speak to your introducer, find articles yourself, re-read articles and really immerse yourself in the knowledge here! But don't expect this alone to change your life because it won't. Only you, along with the right people around you can do that!

  3. See More of Your Potential - What the Report will do is provide you with powerful references every day. It will help you increase your belief in your own capabilities and your own potential as you learn how every legend started out.

  4. Opportunities to Follow Through - Above all, the most important aspect for us is to help you to apply this information. That is our main goal as a development organisation. Much of this information is out there, but information is only 1% - application is 99%! That's where we encourage you to speak to your introducer and explore the many possibilities to apply what you learn such as Mentoring and Coaching, the Legends Golf Network as well as dedicated programs to help you achieve your desired life, career and/or business aspirations.

  5. We're in This Together - Please remember that our success at Lighthouse International is not based on how many people are subscribed to the Legends Report or who are part of the Legends Network, or any other opportunity. Our success is determined by those who are actually able to utilise those opportunities to succeed. Our success is measured by whether you succeed or not! That is why we do everything we can to make sure the right people come on board.

  6. Develop Your Discipline - You'll see that everything we share with you here will be reinforced by ideas and opportunities to help you develop the discipline needed to use this timeless wisdom! Ultimately to help you do more, have more, be more, get more, give more and have a far greater experience of life.


How Can You Make the Most of the Legends Report?

  1. Read it Daily - The insights and motivation the Legends Report offers will be bite-size in combination with more educational pieces. So it will be very accessible, relevant and easy to fit right into even the busiest person's life!

  2. Get Involved! - We've made the articles interactive do share your comments, answer the quizzes and do share them with others. This will enable us to provide the most relevant opportunities based on your needs, and give you the chance to add value not only to yourself but to others in your network!

  3. You Won't Miss a Thing - We will be updating you regularly when there are new and interesting things for you to read. Your introducer will also be in touch with you personally via text/WhatsApp and email.


Finally - Two Things to Remember:

  1. The Legends Report is Evolving - In the coming months you will see things like personal profiles, individual learning scores and much more - all designed to help you gauge better how you can make great leaps forward and how we can support you more to make it happen. We will introducing new features all the time. You are joining us in our first Beta Launch Phase so if there is anything that is rough around the edges then please bear with us... and let us know!

  2. Again! Get Involved! - Send us articles on inspiring things you have come across and we will credit you if we feature them. There are loads of opportunities to be involved as you will have read about when you registered.

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