Tim Ferriss - Tech CEOs Have A Tough Job Ahead In Fast-Moving World

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By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Tim Ferriss is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker and self-proclaimed 'human guinea-pig'! Recently he was interviewed by CNN | Tech, and he explained publicly his reasons for leaving the tech capital of the USA, Silicon Valley.

What is fascinating to learn from this legend of self-development and self-improvement (writing books like The 4-Hour Work Week and Tribe of Mentors) is that when the high-pressure world of business and 'last chance opportunities' start encroaching on your health and well-being, then it is time to think again about what you really want and how you want to live.

He also explains some of the challenges that CEOs of companies face in trying to guide and lead their organisations in a fast-moving world, where the future isn't clear. Yet decisions made now have an enormous global and human impact! What Mr Ferriss suggests is a focus for everyone to appreciate their own morality, humanness and to learn how to make decisions based on their conscience and awareness.

To hear what Mr Ferriss has to say and learn a vital lesson in what we all need to do as leaders of ourselves and of other people, click on the video below!

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Tim Ferriss is not the only man looking to bring more humanness into the workplace. Here is a Legends Report article about how Emotional Intelligence Is Being Used By 3 CEOs To Great Effect

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