7 New Year's Quote To Inspire Your 2017

By Ivy Kuo, Legends Report Writer

Is it a change in calendar that makes everything change? Or is it our underlying attitude that governs the habits, results and happiness that decide how this year will turn out?

As we enter the exciting chapter of the New Year, mamy of us eagerly write our resolutions for the year ahead. As a writer, I’ve always thought of New Year’s Day as the first blank page of an empty journal, hungry with the desire to be filled with inky words. The coming 360-odd pages are to be inscribed with our emotional development, lessons we’ve gained from hardships, and memories of joy and laughter with our loved ones.

It is this very possibility of creating a reality that closely aligns with our vision for ourselves, that so greatly thrills us on January 1st of every year. Here are seven quotes from legends around the world, expressing their own thoughts about the fresh start of a new year.

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