7 Habits of Highly Effective People Mastery - An Introductory Q&A

By The Legends Report Team

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his or her life by conscious endeavour.” - Henry David Thoreau


How many of us have read a self-development book that is worth truly mastering, applying and living, only to put it down, rave about what a good book it was and then let that book gather dust?! If you spoke to someone who had a shelf full of self-development books and you asked them to point out the one book which would revolutionise their lives, if they truly committed to mastering it, they would almost certainly be able to point out one as being exceptional. The only remaining question to ask would be... have you mastered it? The answer would more than likely be no!

Several years ago, we at Lighthouse International conducted a survey of some 200 graduate professionals who had bought, read, and rated “very highly” the run-away bestseller by Stephen R. Covey entitled: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. At that stage the book had sold in excess of 15 million copies worldwide (now 25 million copies). When asked whether they had mastered the knowledge and the practice of the book, there was a resounding ‘no’ across the board. We then asked them if they thought their life would be more successful if they had mastered the principles of effectiveness, and the answer was, unsurprisingly, a resounding ‘yes’!

Astonishingly, 96% could not even recall all of the habits when asked, let alone the seven foundational principles that govern the seven habits of effectiveness. We found the study astonishingly revealing! Now, if the book was called Seven Ways to Remove Fluff Off Your Jumper, then the results would be more understandable! However, this book is reportedly the best secular book that has ever been written about the foundational principles and behaviours of being highly effective as a person - personally, privately and professionally!  It was bought and read from cover to cover by people who were no strangers to studying and working hard, people who truly wanted to do well in life. There was even one person who read a book a week and had read over a thousand self-help and business development books, but had never mastered one of them! Why? The general consensus was "life gets in the way" and don't we know this all too well! How ironic! The very thing we want to be most effective at, "life”, gets in the way of actually optimising that very thing.

We at Lighthouse International are committed to helping people to follow through with what they learn. We know people are generally good at learning new things, but it's the following through and applying them, which we learn is often the most challenging aspect, let alone mastering something we have read. We first introduced Lighthouse Book Study Mastery Groups back in 2013 to help people firstly master the knowledge relating to the principles of effectiveness and while so doing, to master the practice of them in all aspects of their lives.

Below is some information relating to Lighthouse 7 Habits Book Study Mastery Groups which we are launching and would value feedback on.

Our aim is to empower people to support one another to apply these principles in their lives so we would value your feedback and we would love even more for you, in time to express interest in joining one of these groups...

1. What is a Book Study Mastery Group?

A Book Study Mastery Group consists of a maximum of 10-15 people who have decided they would like to individually and collectively study a book in order to master both the knowledge and practice of what they are learning.

1.1 What are the main benefits of studying and mastering The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to me and my life?

An excerpt from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People:

“In the last analysis, as Marilyn Ferguson observed, "No one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or by emotional appeal." If you decide to open your "gate of change" to really understand and live the principles embodied in the Seven Habits, I feel comfortable in assuring you several positive things will happen. First, your growth will be evolutionary, but the net effect will be revolutionary. Would you not agree that the P/PC Balance (Production / Production Capability Balance) principle alone, if fully lived, would transform most individuals and organizations? The net effect of opening the "gate of change" to the first three habits - the habits of Private Victory (Be Proactive: Begin With The End In Mind: Put First Things First) - will be significantly increased self-confidence. You will come to know yourself in a deeper, more meaningful way - your nature, your deepest values, and your unique contribution capacity. As you live your values, your sense of identity, integrity, control, and inner-directedness will infuse you with both exhilaration and peace. You will define yourself from within, rather than by people's opinions or by comparisons to others. "Wrong" and "right" will have little to do with being found out. Ironically, you'll find that as you care less about what others think of you, you will care more about what others think of themselves and their worlds, including their relationship with you. You'll no longer build your emotional life on other people's weaknesses. In addition, you'll find it easier and more desirable to change because there is something - some core deep within - that is essentially changeless.

As you open yourself to the next three habits - the habits of Public Victory (Think Win-Win or No Deal: Seek First To Understand Then Be Understood: Synergy ) - you will discover and unleash both the desire and the resources to heal and rebuild important relationships that have deteriorated, or even broken. Good relationships will improve - become deeper, more solid, more creative, and more adventuresome. The seventh habit (Sharpen The Saw), if deeply internalized, will renew the first six and will make you truly independent and capable of effective interdependence. Through it, you can charge your own batteries. Whatever your present situation, I assure you that you are not your habits. You can replace old patterns of self-defeating behavior with new patterns, new habits of effectiveness, happiness, and trust-based relationships.

With genuine caring, I encourage you to open the gate of change and growth as you study these habits. Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it's holy ground. There's no greater investment. It's obviously not a quick fix. But I assure you, you will feel benefits and see immediate payoffs that will be encouraging. In the words of Thomas Paine, "That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only which gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price on its goods."

- Stephen R. Covey


1.2 What are we doing at Lighthouse International Group (LIG)?

We at LIG are an organisation that started with one intention: to help people optimise their lives and their life projects - people meaning ourselves at LIG and the people that we serve. We realised that people bought books and went on training seminars that they never really practiced, let alone mastered!  We saw this in ourselves too! We started to change this with integrity back in 2004, starting with ourselves. We started to apply the seven principles of effectiveness, sometimes with huge difficulty. However, because we always had the support of our Mastery Group, the vast majority of us have prevailed and are growing steadily, with phenomenal life-changing results. Something none of us could ever have dreamed would be possible in this short time. What is possible over a lifetime?! So exciting! The more we work with the golden goose of our own lives (ourselves), the golden eggs (what we create) just grow in size, quality, and volume! To have the golden goose (production capability) and the golden eggs (production) in principle-centred balance has indeed been revolutionary, if not a blessing.

Our aim is that you are able to effectively optimise any investment of time, money and effort that you make in yourself, in line with your growth and development as a person. At some point, some of you may invest in our more advanced development programs, but our aim is always for you to optimise results in your life, in direct proportion to your investment of time, money and effort. We at LIG will do everything in our direct and indirect control to help people follow through with their investment in themselves. If we, for any reason, believe that you are not in the right place to follow through on any LIG product or service, then we will not allow you to make that investment with us. People are often amazed by the level of commitment we have to this, but wouldn't you expect the same from your doctor or advisor etc? So it is no different with us either. In the final analysis, we have committed to start this by helping people begin following through by learning and mastering the foundational principles of effectiveness and thereby achieving our intentions as outlined above.


2. Why are Book Study Mastery Groups important to people who want to grow and develop consistently?

Members of Book Study Mastery Groups are committed to studying material with a view to mastering both the knowledge and practice of the knowledge. One without the other is like a chocolate teapot, rather useless I am sure you will agree! The group members share the information from a variety of different angles, so you see the information via a group dynamic, rather than your sole way of seeing and understanding it, or misunderstanding it. The members of the group are also accountable to helping each other follow through towards mastery of the information, especially whenever life gets in the way, as it invariably does. How many people master anything? Book Mastery Groups will help ensure you master whatever you want to learn and apply in your life, in line with your desired successful outcomes.


2.1 Why will studying this book with others make any difference to me in my life? Why don't I just apply it and master it on my own?

It will make a quantum difference! Five thousand percent difference over the long term - literally the difference between night and day. Most of us have never truly experienced the power of a small genuine community of individuals with an ongoing commitment to their group. Most people have never truly experienced real community for an extended period of time. It really will be very powerful to those who have never really experienced collective human spirit at work, at its interdependent, miraculous best. Apply that to learning and mastering your growth and development and BOOM! Something called synergy kicks in and it feels like there's a rocket under your bottom! You will just have to come and learn and experience it for yourself! Everything else, including this text, is a poor substitute to actually experiencing it!


2.2 Why are you called Lighthouse International? Why Lighthouse? What's the significance?

The organisation changed its name from FranklinWaugh to Lighthouse International Group. We use the lighthouse as a metaphor for the principles of effectiveness. Principles are like lighthouses - if we keep them close to our awareness, especially while trying to overcome obstacles, they will always keep us on the right path to success, or at the very least from becoming shipwrecked.


3. Who will typically be part of a Book Study Mastery Group?

A diverse range of people will be and are part of Lighthouse Book Study Mastery Groups in terms of race, creed, gender, political leaning, social standing - you name it. There are some awesome miracles that have happened here since 2004 in terms of integration and just plain non-judgement of each other, while getting on with what matters most: being genuinely positive, up-building and progressively more human! We are helping each other to be more proactive, beginning with the end in mind, while putting first things first in our lives. If that means we have a hatchet we need to bury, then we have done that and still do, no questions asked! Those who don't, or won’t, end up leaving of their own accord.

While it is hard to believe, let alone practice, we at Lighthouse are truly committed to putting people and relationships first! All of us have one thing in common and that is an incredible commitment to the growth and development of ourselves and each other, through mutual support and by becoming more and more effective at achieving optimal success and happiness in our lives.


4. How do the sessions take place?

The sessions mostly take place using online video conference using various mediums (Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout etc), or telephone if the group prefer. You can join a group at a location of your choosing (some people form groups at work and meet there because it’s easier on time, cost and effort etc.).


5. Is there a cost to be a part of a Lighthouse 7 Habits Book Study Mastery Group?

Yes, in our experience we have found that when people invest time, effort and money into something they generally take it more seriously. However this is not a profit-making venture, it’s simply a cost-covering one and every adult that invests in joining a group enables a young person to go through a 7 habits mastery program too. Therefore we have kept the costs very low at approx £30-£50 per month for weekly meetings.


6. Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read through this Q&A information document. There is a lot more information relating to Lighthouse Book Study Mastery Groups available, however. If there is anything that has not been covered here, which you feel is important for you to know in order to make a decision, then please speak to your introducer about it.

We at Lighthouse look forward to your positive, progressive and up-building feedback on the above ideas. We sincerely hope that might be interested in this opportunity yourself and we look forward to the prospect of hearing from you!



Your Feedback...

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