6 Questions To Grow Your Dream Business

By James Mills, Mentorship Coach at Lighthouse International

“The greatest business people I've met are determined to get it right no matter what the cost.”

- Michael Gerber, Author

Did you know that 95% of businesses fail in the first 5 years? Do you know why that's the case, and how this fact could relate to you specifically - regardless of your business experience? Whether you are new to the world of entrepreneurship or an experienced business owner, here are some powerful questions to help you take stock of your current situation, and thus set yourself up for business success this week!


    1. How would you describe your current situation?

    Share privately with your introducer below.....

    I've started testing an idea, and have a product/service from which I have made a few salesI'm running my business alongside my job and things are ticking along nicelyI've just started working full-time on my businessI've established my business, things are going really well and I'm looking for investment to expandI'm finding it really hard to keep up with all the demandsBusiness is slow and I'm really struggling to be honest


    2. Reflecting on the past week, where do you feel most of your attention was placed? (Pick your top 3)

    Recruitment and retention issues (eg finding right staff, motivating current employees)Technical issues (eg getting the right information, skills or knowledge)Client issues (eg finding new clients & retaining existing ones)Product/service issues (eg creating new products/services, refining or improving existing ones)Supplier issues (eg finding new suppliers, managing relationships with existing ones)Financial issues (eg getting investment, managing cashflow)


    3. What do you feel is the most valuable asset in your business?

    YouYour business partner(s)Your staffYour product/service intellectual propertyYour unsold stock/inventoryYour customer baseYour office/company premisesYour company bank balanceYour investors/shareholdersWhy?:

    4. Looking at the week ahead, what is the most important thing you want to achieve to take your business to the next level?

    5. What could be the obstacles that get in the way of you achieving that goal?

    Not enough timeNot knowing the right peopleNot having the right knowledgeNot enough moneyLacking the right facilities, materials (eg office space, manufacturing facilities etc)Other:

    6. Would you like to speak with a Life & Business Mentorship Coach about sustainably acquiring the right people, funding and other resources you need to grow your business?

    Yes please I'd like to learn moreNo thank you

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