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6 Amazing Facts About The Human Heart!


By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

We live in such a sophisticated world, don't we? Phones that can order you breakfast, predict your future and find you a life partner. Glass buildings so tall that Jack and his beanstalk would be jealous. 🙂 Cars that can now drive themselves so we can spend time watching an entire series of the latest thing on Netflix on our commute in.

Our minds are great for creating things and making technological progress...but to be honest, they're really not so good for what humans really need and want; connection with each other and some meaning and purpose to our lives!

It's no wonder that researchers are currently exploring an epidemic in loneliness, or that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK...

You might have heard people say 'come from the heart', and to be honest, that just sounds odd, but the human heart is way more important and powerful than we may realise. Here are 6 amazing facts about the human heart...

In fetal development, the heart forms and starts beating before the brain begins to develop.

Others can pick up the quality of your emotions through the electromagnetic energy radiating from your heart.

A mother’s brainwaves can synchronise to her baby’s heartbeats even when they are a few feet apart.

Your heart produces enough power in 1 hour to lift 2,000 pounds 3 feet off the ground. In one hour and 15 minutes the heart could lift a Toyota Prius!

The electrical impulse of the heart is 40 - 60 times stronger than the brain. It is many more times stronger than any other electrical impulse in the body.

Different people's (or even animal's) heart cells, will all beat in unison in a petri dish. Different people's brain cells in a petri dish will not communicate with each other and die.

Sources: Heartmath and Heart Mastery

Why are these facts important? Well, while legends do innovate and use their minds to come up with amazing ideas, the thing that really defines their success is one, their passion and two, that they are really good at connecting with people, understanding how they feel and what they need - and that's something we can only truly do from our hearts!

For a practical business example of the power of the heart when dealing with people, here's an insight into how Angela Ahrendt's is transforming Apple by listening to her people.

And here's a really great, short video on how we can quieten the thoughts in our head, to feel our emotions a little more.

Which fact surprised you the most? Share in the comments below...

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