5 Reasons Taylor Swift is a Global Success

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by James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Taylor Swift is currently the highest-paid woman in the music business, has won countless awards and Fortune Magazine recognised her as the sixth greatest leader of today. With millions of followers around the world, what is it about Taylor Swift that makes her so influential?


1. She is Extremely Persistent

From the age of 10 Swift was determined to become a successful artist and performer. She would spend her weekends performing at every opportunity - losing many talent competitions in the process, but she kept coming back until she won.


2. She is Prepared to be Open and Vulnerable

Swift writes her own songs with her lyrics being autobiographical in their nature, which she is both praised and criticised for. Ultimately it is this level of authenticity that her fans relate to.


3. She Stands Up for What She Believes is Right

Swift has pulled her music from Spotify and more recently stood up to Apple on behalf of herself and other artists.


4. She Recognises That Relationships Are Critical to Her Success

Swift prides herself on her close relationship with her fans. She interacts with them via social media, sends gifts to them on a regular basis and has even invited fans to her home for private performances. She admits she has an abnormal lifestyle and feels it is the relationship she has with her fans that helps her stay grounded.

“I want to come up with as many ways that we can spend time together and bond because it keeps me normal, it keeps my life manageable.” 

5. She Gives Back

As well as the generosity with her fans, Swift is a philanthropist who has donated millions to causes she believes in; developing musical talent, promoting literacy, helping victims of natural disasters, tackling discrimination and supporting sick children.

This interview sums up Taylor Swift as a person and what she values in her life.

What traits stand out to you about why Taylor Swift is so successful?

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