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4 Simple Questions To a Breakthrough December!  

By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

After launching our weekly planning and review exercise to help you take steps to make the year a great success. As we move into a new month, it's a perfect opportunity to take stock and decide what you will do differently. It's one thing to read about the inspiring examples of legends and the fundamentals they follow, but it is quite another thing to apply those lessons in our own lives. We all need a little reminder right?

The one thing legends do better than anyone is consistently applying the basics, consistently applying the fundamentals. They create habits to take baby steps every day to achieve their goals. That's why we are giving you 4 powerful questions to reflect back at the last week and look forward to the month ahead! What is the next month going to bring for you? How can you make it the best month of the year so far?

Take 5-10 minutes to think about the questions below to give it a kick-start.....and enjoy it!

    1. What was one goal you set last month and did you achieve it?

    Share privately with your introducer below.....

    2. What is one thing you learnt last month?

    3. What one thing if you did consistently would make a massive difference to your personal or professional life this month?

    Planning my day/weekExerciseGetting support and not doing everything myselfEnough sleepEating well


    4. What 1-2 goals that would be amazing for you to achieve this month?

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