3 Legendary Insights From Sheryl Sandberg On Thriving At Work   

By James Mills, Mentorship Coach & Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

In the third instalment of our mini-series on Sheryl Sandberg, we share some insights on how we can best help others and be helped. Throughout the course of her career, she has benefitted both from being mentored and mentoring others. It has been the relationships she's developed over the years that have helped her in both her personal and professional life. Here are 3 golden pieces of advice...

1. Ask for Help

"The most successful people don’t make it on their own. Instead, they find advisors along the way: experienced, wiser people who know a lot and help them. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers, coaches, or other adults you admire to talk with you about what you’re passionate about. Ask them what they wish they’d known when they were your age. Who knows, one day they may even help make your dreams a reality!"

2. Don’t Do Everyone Else’s Work

"When a group project member doesn’t contribute well (or at all), it’s easy just to do it yourself—and stay quiet about it. Taking over can give you control in the moment, but it can also leave you feeling resentful, carrying more of the workload, and not getting any of the credit. Address the problem directly by asking your classmate when she thinks she’ll finish her tasks. If you don’t get a clear response, be more direct about what you need, or ask a teacher for help."

3. Change The World

"You don’t have to run the world to change it. What lights you up inside? What makes you feel outraged? Join a club, plan a flash mob, enter your crazy idea into the science fair. Maybe even vote YOU for class president. Running a campaign gives you amazing practice for speaking and marketing yourself as a leader. Whatever you decide, remember: your voice is like no one else’s, but we won’t hear it if you don’t use it."

We can learn a lot from Ms Sandberg's advice about becoming more of a leader through interacting with others in more effective ways. We need to be balanced not only in the way we ask for help but also in the way we offer help. At the heart of this is the principle of fairness, as well as ensuring that we are investing our efforts, in line with the way we want to live our lives. At the end of the day, we don't have to have a formal position of power to make a positive difference in the world.

The original Quora post is here. Here's 3 top tips for building your confidence from Sheryl Sandberg.

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