12 Legends To Follow On Twitter

Wo to Follow on Twitter - Legends Report

by Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

I went through my Twitter account the other day and thought; 'Why am I following all these people?' It made me think about the choices I have made over the past few years about who I choose to associate with and why. I asked myself ‘Why am I still following this person?’ and ‘What criteria should I use to decide who to follow and who not to?’

After all, I'm looking to learn from legends so I need to choose who I learn from wisely...

I decided to choose who I follow based on the following:

  • Do I find this person or company inspiring?
  • Do I agree with what they stand for?
  • Are they in line with my own goals and aspirations?
  • Would I be comfortable recommending this person to someone else to follow?

So speaking to the guys in the Lighthouse International team, I’ve discovered a few of our favourite legends to follow which we wanted to share with you below...


Bill Gates - Philanthropist


Elon Musk - Entrepreneur


James Clear - Entrepreneur

Ed Sheeran - Singer

Richard Branson - Entrepreneur


Lewis Hamilton - Formula One World Champion

Malala - Policitical Activist

Jack Welch - Former Legendary CEO of General Electric

Maria Sharapova - Former Tennis World No.1


Byron Katie - Author & Teacher

Brene Brown - Author & Speaker


And of course our own…Legends Report 

 Who do you follow in your twitter feed and why?

Share below and inspire someone else...

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Twitter image courtesy of Rosaura Ochoa @ Flickr