10 Reasons Why You Won’t Build a Network...

by Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

As we've said before, success doesn't care who you are. Few of us are taught the true power of building our networks, so we end up spending more time, more money and go through more hardship trying to go through life on our own. Here are 10 reasons why we make life harder for ourselves than it ought to be...

1. You think every legend has succeeded on their own and you don't realise how important people and relationships are to your success.

Wrong! Serena Williams has won 21 tennis majors and has her team to thank for it.

Serena williams

2. Theoretically you know that people are really important to your success, but you’re so busy you don’t take the time to develop those relationships.

If the CEO of Ford Motor Company can do it, so can you!

alan mulally

3. You may even take some action, but you think that having hundreds of connections on LinkedIn (while not really knowing any of them) means you have a great network.

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison created a real network way before the internet came along.


4. You might really want to build a network, but no one’s ever taught you how to, so you don’t know where to start.

Steve Jobs knew he had to have mentors to achieve his goals.

steve jobs2

5. You think networking is about showing people what you do rather than who you are. So you focus on developing your skills just like everyone else.

Richard Branson has proved that it doesn’t matter how good you are, but what kind of mindset you have.


6. Most networking events you’ve been to feel like you're hitting and hoping and you're lucky if you meet a few great people.

OK, this one might be true. That’s why we have to do things differently as Body Shop founder Anita Roddick proved. It’s also why we have developed the Legends Golf Network!

anita roddick

7. You don’t realise how valuable you are and how much you can positively influence others.

The Taliban were undone by a single teenage girl who proved how valuable she was.

Malala - Legends Report

8. You let people stereotype you and your dreams which makes you reluctant to share them with people.

Actress Jessica Alba has categorically proved all of her critics wrong by building a $1 billion company.

jessica alba

9. You don’t focus and work on your dreams every day because you're too distracted with everything else going on.

One of our own Legends Report members has changed his life by focusing on his dreams.

Dad, Big Bro, and I

10. You've tried this network stuff before and it hasn't worked out, so you quit.

Author J.K. Rowling has become a billionaire because she failed so many times.

JK Rowling

This is stuff we all should have learned when we were in school and it’s what we desperately need to learn now. We all need help to learn how to build the right network in the first place!

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